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Monday, April 9, 2012

Nifty is near to 5150 , 200 DMA

Nifty is near to 200 DMA which is 5150. Is it sign of bear in near future or nifty will take a support here and go back to 5500 and higher levels?

There is a correction due in US and Europe stock markets. Dow Jones is already at high of near to 13,000 and other market too.We can expect some sort of good correction from here may be 5-10% range. But since Indian market already at near to lower level, expect 4600 touch this year. We are not expecting much correction in Indian market.There is chance that Nifty may touch 5000 or 4900 levels but below that a very low chance .

Now only two option left in investor hand either HOLD OR BUY more. So if you invested keep invested in stock market or if you are planning to buy then keep buying in small quantity.Every correction is good opportunity to invest. On Every 100 point fall of nifty from here buy 10% from your cash.

Down the line in year we are expecting 20-25% rise in market by march 2013. Same we can expect return on investment also.Buy only good fundamental shares.
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