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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Indian Market in narrow range

Market is moving in narrow range on Quarter four number. Number vary from top to down.  Where the Infosys and reliance shown poor numbers in term of lack of guidance on other hand Automobile and banking shown good number so far like Maruti and Axis bank. Again  it has been proved that India is consumption based story any thing which is consumption base will grow like banking automobile and FMCG, medical , education sector.

As we always told invest in good fundamental story , consumption base industry and sectors. People who invest in good A group share never be in loss .In long term they always in profit. We suggest always stay away from real state share ,since this is lot of grey areas in this market. People making money not due to innovation or talent , but due to having good relationship in governance and cover up the market.

In last Stay invested , dont panic on any turbulence , people in past get paid good who only stay back in market in long term.
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Unknown said...

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sharetipsinfo said...
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Equity investor said...

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